adhesivebridge_afterEveryone likes to look good and having a beautiful smile is part of it.

Being happy with the way your teeth look and feeling confident about your smile can have far reaching effects.

At Riverside we have a wealth of experience and success in making smiles better, but before we tell you more about that, you need to know two things.


We will always explain and cost out all the options and help you make the right choice.

We will never encourage you to do something that will affect the health of your teeth over the long term, no matter how good it looks.

Making over a smile can take many different forms. It might be as easy as bleaching your teeth whiter or replacing a few discoloured fillings. 
It might involve veneers or caps to reshape teeth, it might even involve bridges or implants to replace missing teeth. 
We can do it all and we work closely with one of the best dental laboratories in the country to make it happen.
Often it’s a combination of a few different treatments to create a smile that’s beautiful and as natural as if you were born with it! 
The first step is to ask our dentists what we could do for your smile and let us talk through what you don’t like and how we can improve it for you.
Have a look to see some of the different ways we can make your teeth look better.

Contact us.