Facial Aesthetics

How Can Facial Aesthetics Make You Feel Younger!

We are excited to announce that we are now offering consultations about treatments that can reduce the tell tale signs of aging. Facial aesthetics to make you feel younger!

What Are The Treatments?

Strict advertising guidelines mean we aren’t allowed to go into detail about any services or treatments we might offer on our website or in social media. We are able to discuss your signs of facial aging in person and offer you personally tailored advice and solutions. Please contact us we will be more than happy to talk things through.

Its already out there!

While there are some people in the media who have obviously “had work done” in reality almost anyone in public life who looks “good for their age” will have had some facial aesthetic treatment. The trick is to keep it subtle so you look good, but it won’t be obvious to others exactly why – the stereotypes of “fish lips” and actresses who can’t make any facial expressions do not apply here!

Our patients often say their friends think they’re looking “well” but won’t know why unless you tell them.

Like everything we offer at Riverside, you can be sure that we have the highest standards of treatment and that we will always have your well-being at the centre of anything that we do.

Contact us for more info on; 01271 813721 



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